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Speed Control
Variable Speed Drives (Inverters)
Electronic Speed Controllers
Automatic Step Transformers
Variable Speed Drive, VSD, Inverter Controller, Fan Power
Variable Speed Drive, VSD, Inverter Controller, Fan Power
Temperature Control
Thyristor Controllers for Electric Heater Batteries
Gas Burner Control - Powrmatic / Reznor
Boiler Enable / Frost Protection for LTHW
Heater Batteries
Thyristor controller, kitchen supply air heater battery control
Gas Valve Junction Box
Valve Power Pack
Emergency Stop Buttons
PM-1P-10-4ic, fan power monitor, current sensing gas interlock
CO2 - Carbon Dioxide
CO - Carbon monoxide
Gas Pressure
Natural Gas
Duct Temperature
Gas Pressure
Room Temperature
Outside Air Temperature
Pipework Temperature
Thermal Links
We have access to the majority of sensors and transmitters, please contact us for assistance with sizing and selection.
Contact for Assistance
Gas solenoid valve
Gas Solenoid
Water Solenoid Valve
Water Solenoid
3 port control valve, Belimo actuator
Control Valves
We stock a wide range of valves and are always on hand to assist with sizing and selection
Contact for Assistance
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