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Heater Battery Control for Water, Gas & Electric
HeatWave is a range of stand-alone heater battery contrlol solutions for air handling units.

Available for water, gas and electric heater batteries. HeatWave offers a complete control solution incorporating all of the required safety features, such as ventilation run-on, frost protection and fan hold-off.

Stand-alone control system options in addition to central control panel integration.
HeatWave electric heater battery thristor control panel
  • Motor protection
  • Run-on timer
  • IP rated enclosures
  • User interface
Electric thyristor controller

Heater Battery Control


Water heater batteries require control valves to regulate temperatures in accordance with the set point. A basic system typically comprises of a combination of motorised valve, temperature sensor and controller. HeatWave provides control, in combination to frost protection and plant enable to provide safety and maximise energy efficiency.    


Gas fired heater batteries typically have either a 0-10v or VFC input signal to regulate air temperature in accordance with the set point. due to the associated fire hazard of running a gas fired burner without sufficient airflow, a ventilation run-on features is always included and interlocked. In addition a burner lock-out reset feature mounted at a convenient location is often a useful addition.


Electric heater batteries require a thyristor controller to maintain the temperature set point. A duct mounted temperature sensor with a 0-10v signal facilitates this with the addition of an air pressure switch to interlock the controller to the ventilation system to ensure adequate air flow for cooling purposes. 

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