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Complete Plant Room Control System Package
Unique template system
HeatSense is a complete plant room control solution for commercial buildings.

Our unique template system reduces design, build and programming time to enable you to achieve significant project savings. 
HeatSense heating control system, BEMS, BMS, Control Panel
Save 50%
on typical system costs
HeatSense can be scaled to suit your requirement, the basic system can
be extended and adapted whilst still delivering a competitive edge.
Boilers / Heat Pumps
Boilers /
Heat Pumps
Cylinders / Water Heaters
Cylinders /
Water Heaters
Zone Valves
Zone Valves
Tanks / Press. Unit
Tanks /
Press. Unit
Save time and money on every project.
Available as supply only with commissioning or a full turn-key installation. 

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Modern Apartment Building


Residential House



Image by Vadim Sherbakov


HeatSense is perfect for the majority of small to medium sized applications.

Quality Features

All panels are built to the highest standard for safety and efficiency.

Complete with UKCA and CE Certification,
fully tested in-house at our facility to provide peace of mind once they arrive on site.

Built using only quality components, tried and tested to work first time and every time.
Energy Management
Metering & monitoring
Gas Safety
Manual Control
Remote Access
HeatSense is a better alternative. Open source and built in resilience in the form of hand, off and auto switches allows technical issues to be quickly bypassed while your chosen engineering team attends. Saving money on costly call out charges, 
System Integration
Trent's multi-disciplinary engineering team will handle all of your project requirements.

Simply forward your project enquiry and promptly receive a competitive quote along with a detailed and easy to read schematic drawing for your installation team.

Should you wish to consider our full turn-key installation package, a detailed quotation for supply, installation and commissioning will be prepared. Enabling you to sit back and relax, knowing that everything will be handled by the experts.
When requesting a full control system, we select, size and design all aspects of the system from motor protection and equipment power supplies right through to gas valve, sensor type and location and user set points.

All aspects of the system are carried out in full compliance of the latest industry safety and efficiency regulations.

Providing peace of mind and ensuring happy end users in addition to ensuring the continues to perform faultlessly long in to the future.
Integration of;
  • Gas Safety
  • Fire Alarm Interface
  • Remote Access
  • Equipment Protection
  • Services Optimisation
Regulations and best practice.
In full accordance with standards,
All of the benefits of bespoke system
without the cost and leadtime


Kiebeck & Peter
We are proud to deliver our HeatSense system in collaboration with Kiebeck & Peter.

Leading German based controls supplying the industry for over 100 years.
User Interface
Multiple user interface options from simple LCD display, full colour touch screen to web browser service available across devices.
Sensors & Transmitters
A full range of accurate and reliable sensors and transmitters are included with every HeatSense package.
Energy Monitoring
Kieback & Peter's Clever algorithm means you'll always be curious to see how much energy you are now saving.
Remote Access
Remote access via a wired ethernet connection, direction connection to your existing system or mobile 4G options available.


Immediate savings for new installations.

For new projects, savings can be made from the moment you switch on your HeatSense


In addition to the initial project cost savings and the operational energy savings, costs savings will continue throughout the life of the system as there are no annual subscriptions and you are free to use your own engineering team to maintain and operate the system. 

Fast Payback for Retro-fits

Where HeatSense replaces your existing control system, in many cases a return on investment is achievable within 24 months.

You may not realise that replacing your existing, functioning control system could offer a tempting return on investment. Many existing installations can benefit from improved control and lower maintenance costs. As such a payback period as low as 18 months is typically achievable, providing significant long term returns on your investment.  
Case Study

Coming Soon


Site Survey

Commissioning is included whether you opt to install your HeatSense yourself, with your preferred install or with Trent as part of a full turn-key package.

Expert commissioning ensures you get the most from your systems capabilities and includes client demonstration.


As standard we provide all of the required drawings and instructions to enable you or your preferred contractor to  install your HeatSense system. 

However for ultimate ease and peace of mind, why no let Trent take care of it all with our full turn-key installation option. We always aim to be competitive and add value to your project. 

Full Turn-Key


Commissioning is included whether you opt to install your HeatSense yourself, with your preferred install or with Trent as part of a full turn-key package.

Expert commissioning ensures you get the most from your systems capabilities and includes client demonstration.

Service & Maintenance

With no requirement to commit to annual subscriptions or service and maintenance packages, you are free to make your own arrangements.

However should you wish to leave this to someone else, we have very competitively priced service and maintenance packages with no obligation or fixed period terms.

HeatSense Latest Offers

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