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Technical Assistance


Our industry leading technical support team are always on hand to provide around the clock support.


Inquire to see if you qualify for our free installer training and become a Trent-approved engineer.

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Specifiers benefit from our full system integration service, saving time designing and selecting the right system for your project.

CIBSE approved CPD courses are available on topics covering gas safety in commercial kitchens and educational establishments.

Professional Kitchen

End User

End users of our systems benefit from a safer, more comfortable and energy efficient environment.

Our technical team is on hand to assist with system usability, servicing and maintenance.

Technical Manuals
Before carrying out work, please ensure you are safe and competent to do so.
There is a danger to life and property from electric shock, explosion & asphyxiation.
CaterSense V2
LabSense PLUS
Contact us for bespoke manuals
Contact us for bespoke manuals
Valve Power Pack
Expansion Module 
Gas Valve Junction
Gas Solenoid
Water Solenoid
Heating Control
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide
Natural Gas
Gas Pressure
Temperature Probe
Remote Current
Air Pressure
Legacy Products
Sense Range
CaterSense 01
CaterSense 02
CaterSense 02 BB4
CaterSense 03
CaterSense 03 ATSC
CaterSense 04
CaterSense V2 ATSC
Power Monitors
PM - 1 ICX
PM - 2 ICX
PM-1P-10-3 IC
PM-1P-10-4 IC
PM-1P-10-5 IC
For further assistance, please call our technical helpline on 01782 844688 (option 2)
Who are Trent Controls?
Trent Controls are control system integrators for heating, ventilation & gas safety. We design, manufacture and deliver products and systems that maximise safety, reliance and energy efficiency  

What is a controls system integrator?

A controls system integrator works across multiple disciplines to ensure that safety, efficiency and user control are all combined in accordance with the regulations, best practice  and good design principles. Using a systems integrator improves safety and  quality whilst minimising risk to a project and maximising profit. 

How long have Trent been established?
Trent were established by founders Mark and Lesley Eyres back in the late 1990s. Trent Control Panels Ltd was incorporated in 2001 to expand the product division. 
Did Trent invent current monitoring?
Trent were the first company to identify current monitoring as a more reliable and accurate form of monitoring airflow in commercial kitchens. Our company's founders Mark & Lesley Eyers worked tirelessly to update the regulations and create a better, safer working environment.  
What is a gas ventilation interlock?
A gas ventilation interlock is a device that ensures sufficient airflow in accordance with the gas safety requirments 

How does a gas interlock / gas ventilation interlock work?

A sensor monitors the fans to check that they are working correctly – it then allows gas to be supplied to appliances

Why do we need a gas interlock?
All new commercial kitchens must comply with BS6173:2020, Where gas appliances are fitted these must be installed in accordance with IGEM/UP/19:2022. 
What is current monitoring?
Current monitoring measures the electrical current drawn by the fan motor as a way of determining that the fans are working correctly.

What is gas pressure proving?

Gas pressure proving, also referred to as a pipework integrity test, is the process of checking for leaks on the system, possibly from an open appliance tap, before allowing gas. 

Do I need gas proving / gas pressure proving?
You will need a gas proving system if any of your appliances do not have flame failure fitted. As it checks the whole of the installation, not just the burners, it is a good idea anyway.
What is a flame failure device?
A device fitted to a gas appliance burner that will turn off the gas to a burner if the flame goes out.

What commercial kitchen regulations should I be aware of?


Catering sheet no 9
Catering sheet no 10
Catering sheet no 23

What is CO2 monitoring / carbon dioxide monitoring?
A CO2 sensor is fitted within the room. When a high level of CO2 is found, the controller can alarm to warn people to open windows and turn up the fans to increase the ventilation. If a CaterSense controller is fitted, the controller can increase the speed of the fans to ventilate the area. After a set time (eg 5 minutes), if the level is still too high, the gas solenoid valve will be shut off.
What is a demand system (DCKV)?
A demand system adjusts the ventilation flowrate based on the cooking load.

What is a temperature based demand system?

Temperature based demand systems use wall mounted and duct temperature sensors as a robust way to monitoring cooking load. 

What is a lab interlock / classroom interlock?
A lab interlock can isolate the gas supply, water supply and electricity supply by use of solenoid valves or in the case of electricity, a contactor, if any of the services are not required. The unit also performs the gas pressure proving function.
How can I automatically control my heater battery?
CaterSense has built in heater battery control for tempered supply air. All types of water, gas and electric heater batteries can be controlled by CaterSense. Heatwave is a stand-alone alternative for controlling all types of heatre battery and can be integrated in to an air handling unit control system. 
Please note information is offered in good faith, Trent do not accept responsibility for damage, injury or other losses that may occur when interpreting advice.
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