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Complete Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Control
Abstract Ceiling
Seamless Integration
CaterSense is a complete ventilation control solution for commercial kitchens.

CaterSense offers seamless integration of appiances, equipment and control with a simple and effective user interface.
All of your kitchen ventilation control requirements catered for with CaterSense 
CaterSense, commercial kitchen ventilation controller
CaterSense, commercial kitchen ventilation control panel
Compact wall mounted unit or complete enclosed control panel
CaterSense delivers complete commercial kitchen ventilation control in a single package. Full automatic control of any type of fans, gas interlock, input air temperature control, solid fuel safety and much more.
Save wall space
All-in-one Solution
"The more complex a system becomes, the more there is a need to consolidate
all of the functions in a single, automatic, control cabinet with a simple, user-
friendly interface on the front." DW172:2018
CaterSense, commercial kitchen ventilation control system, Gas Safety, IGEM/UP/19, BS6173, DW172, DW:172
Save Time & Money On Site
Reduce Installation Time and Faults
"Pre-engineered cabinets can be factory tested before installation which reduces the risk of incorrect field wiring on site. They also reduce the amount of field wiring required." DW172:2018
Designed and Built in Britain
System Integration
Trent's multi-disciplinary engineering team will handle all of your project requirements.

Simply forward your project enquiry and promptly receive a competitive quote along with a detailed and easy to read schematic drawing for your installation team.

Should you wish to consider our full turn-key installation package, a detailed quotation for supply, installation and commissioning will be prepared. Enabling you to sit back and relax, knowing that everything will be handled by the experts.
When requesting a full control system, we select, size and design all aspects of the system from motor protection and equipment power supplies right through to gas valve, sensor type and location and user set points.

All aspects of the system are carried out in full compliance of the latest industry safety and efficiency regulations.

Providing peace of mind and ensuring happy end users in addition to ensuring the continues to perform faultlessly long in to the future.
Variable Speed Drive, Inverter, Speed controller for kitchen extract fans
Variable Speed Drive, Inverter, Speed controller for kitchen extract fans
Thyristor controller, electric heater battery control for commercial kitchen ventilation
Integration of;
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Automatic Speed Controllers,
  • Automatic Step Transformers
  • Heater Battery Control
  • Motor Protection
  • Thermal Protection

    In full accordance with standards,
        regulations and best practice.
All of the benefits of a PLC based system
without the cost and complexity
Green Energy Turbines


Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation
Available for all CaterSense systems
Heated Supply Air
All types of heater batteries can be automatically controlled by CaterSense.
Different types of heater battery require different types of control for both safety and optimisation. Correct sizing, safety implementation, cooling and frost routines are all important factors considered with CaterSense system design and project delivery.  
Solid Fuel Safety
Solid fuel safety, charcoal, josper, pizza oven, carbon monoxide in commercial kitchens
Intrinsically Safe
CaterSense is a complete ventilation control solution for commercial kitchens.

CaterSense offers seamless integration of appiances, equipment and control with a simple and effective user interface.
Insist on CaterSense solid fuel safety,
for your charcoal grilles & pizza ovens  
Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas produced by incomplete combustion. It is always dangerous and can be lethal in low concentrations. Elevated levels of carbon monoxide are produced with most solid fuel appliances. A CO sensor if properly installed, calibrated and maintained forms part of an effective safety system. 
Carbon dioxide is also a colourless and odourless gas, however it is present in elevated levels with all types of combustion. It is dangerous and potentially lethal in high concentrations. A quality CO2 sensor if properly calibrated and maintained is a useful secondary sensor for use in all types of kitchens including ones using solid fuel appliances. 
A 3-hour fan run-on for trickle ventilation is recommended for a solid fuel safety system as solid fuel cooking appliances can continue to produce carbon monoxide for up to three hours following service. In combination a dormant start facility that can start and increases the ventilation rate when detecting elevated levels of CO or CO2 provides the best protection.
A CaterSense solid fuel safety system uses multiple corresponding sensors to ensure total safety. An integrated three-hour ventilation trickle function combined with CO and CO2 dormant start provides the most dependable system available.
Request a solid fuel safety quote



Expert commissioning ensures your system is correctly installed, safe and working efficiently. 

Commissioning includes checking that all parts of the system are properly installed and configured.
Ventilation flow rates are calculated, set and checked. Air quality testing is carried out along with a full functionality test.


As standard we provide all of the required drawings and instructions to enable you or your preferred contractor to  install your HeatSense system. 

However for ultimate ease and peace of mind, why no let Trent take care of it all with our full turn-key installation option. We always aim to be competitive and add value to your project. 

Full Turn-Key

Final Connections

Commissioning is included whether you opt to install your HeatSense yourself, with your preferred install or with Trent as part of a full turn-key package.

Expert commissioning ensures you get the most from your systems capabilities and includes client demonstration.

Service & Maintenance

With no requirement to commit to annual subscriptions or service and maintenance packages, you are free to make your own arrangements.

However should you wish to leave this to someone else, we have very competitively priced
service and maintenance packages with no obligation or fixed period terms.

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