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Our Services

Trent's team of system integrators are among the most highly skilled and experienced within the industry. Covering multiple disciplines within the building services control and gas safety sectors, we are always on hand to provide superior technical assistance.


Site Attendance

Trent are members of the Alcumus Safe Contractor scheme. All site visits are carried out by competent professionals ensuring the highest levels of safety, great value for money and industry leading service.  

Pre-site attendance checksheet

Avoid aborted visit charges and speed up completion time by filling out our pre-site attendance checklist.


Trent not only offer our own range of products that add value to any project, we also have access to a wide range of industry leading manufacturer's. Our procurement team can source components and equipment at unbeatable prices, enabling us to pass the cost on to you.

Request a Quote Today!

Quotations are free and without obligation. We always aim to provide the best quality, service and value.


We offer a full range of design services for heating, ventilation and gas safety projects. In addition to this, our experience and expertise enables us to provide valuable design insights for OEM assembly.  With comprehensive access to Standards and Regulations, GasSafe and other relevant industry bodies, you can always be assured of a high quality design for your project.   

Example of our Drawings

The drawings  we produce have been subject to our quality control process of continual auditing and improvement. See for yourself an example of the quality of drawings we provide, helping your installation team to complete their projects quickly, efficiently and without issue.    


Our products are built to fully comply with all of the required standards, regulations and building codes. Products are fully certified to UKCA and CE marking standards.

All of our control panels are built and tested to BS 61439-2 and also carry full UKCA and CE marking certification.


Installations are carried out by Trent's approved installers. Installers carry all of the required electrical and GasSafe qualifications to conform to the Standard required.

All installed work is independently checked before certification to reduce the need for snagging and improve project completion times.

You may wish to consider a quote for installation next time you purchase a Trent product, we can provide peace of mind and help you increase your business potential.


Proper commissioning of a system is essential to guarantee safe operation  of a system. Our engineers can also offer commissioning of your gas fired catering appliances in addition to setting the minimum airflow rate. We offer full CP42 certification when requested.  


Trent carry out a range of servicing work including but not limited to our products and panels. We offer annual sensor calibration, filter replacement and servicing of gas fired equipment and appliances. 

Our annual service contracts can extend your standard 2-year manufacturers warranty to an industry leading lifetime warranty. Call today to find out more.

Extended Warranty

Trent offer a life time warranty for systems that are annually serviced by a Trent approved engineer. A life time warranty lasts for up to 25 years and covers all Trent products.  Our standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty can be extended, provided you maintain equipment in accordance with our warranty terms and conditions. 

Lifetime Warranty - 25 Years


We offer training for your installation staff on a range of products including controllers, sensors and variable speed drives.

Please inquire today to find out if you qualify for free, industry leading installer training. As an approved Trent installer, you may wish to join our National network of engineers to pick up additional work and grow your business.

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