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Safety & Control for Practical Classrooms
science in practical class rooms, gas safety, laboratory interlock
Safety & Control
LabSense is a complete ventilation control solution for commercial kitchens.

LabSense offers seamless integration of appiances, equipment and control with a simple and effective user interface.
LabSense laboratory interlock
Safe isolation of water, gas
& electrical supplies.
As part of the Sense range, the LabSense and LabSense PLUS benefit from compatibility with all of the Sense range ancillaries. Both gas and water solenoid valves are available in a wide range of sizes, along with electrical contactors for the safe isolation of electrical supplies.
Key Features
  • Safe isolation of water, gas and electric
  • Key operated for secure user access 
  • Gas pressure proving
  • Individual service selection
  • Class extension timer
Designed and Built in Britain
with mechanical ventilation control for BB101
with mechanical ventilation control for BB101
Additional Features
  • Mechanical ventilation control to BB101
  • Carbon dioxide demand & dormant start
  • Room temperature demand & dormant start
  • Fan failure early warning system
  • Manual user control with safety override
BB101, IGEM/UP/11, Gas safety in practical class rooms
Explain additional features, LabSense Plus

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